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We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. By entering this property, you are assuming personal responsibility for your own actions, action of others, and actions of minor children. MARS is not liable for personal injury, death, lost, damaged or stolen property. 

• Never participate in any type of activities Mars has to offer alone. No Exceptions! 

• All Riders MUST read and sign the “Participant Waiver” in order to ride a motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, side by side, or pit vehicle. All fees must be paid in advance to ride anything with a motor in our park. If you are caught riding without paying for the privilege of riding a motorized vehicle, you will be asked to leave the park. 

• All Riders MUST wear the following safety gear while participating: DOT approved motorcycle helmet, pants, boots, gloves, long sleeve shirt or jersey and goggles. Additional suggested gear includes knee pads, knee braces, hip pads, chest protector, neck brace or neck roll, tear offs, roll offs or any other type of safety equipment not listed. 

• Action Sports are dangerous. You may be injured or even killed by participating or watching action sports at Mars. 

• If it is your first visit to Mars, please be sure you fully understand the direction of the track you are riding on. Enter and exit the tracks at the designated areas ONLY. Never ride the tracks in the wrong direction; this may result in the injury to another rider as well as yourself. 

• Track Maintenance: Mars can and will close any track, at any time, for track maintenance. Track maintenance includes, but is not limited to: Prep work, watering, irrigation repair, and safety issues. No riding allowed during track maintenance. 

• Do not go through a closed gate inside the property. Riding outside of designated areas is strictly forbidden. If a gate is closed, you cannot enter. 

• All Riders must wear your wrist band at all times during your visit to Mars. The wrist band must be worn on your wrist in plain view, do not place the wrist band on your bike or gear. 

• First gear (idle speed, 5 miles per hour) in the pit/parking area. We do not allow fast or aggressive riding in the pit or parking area. If you are caught riding fast or without gear, you will be asked to leave the park. 

• Minors are not allowed to ride or participate alone. They must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and we must have minors release on file for your child. 

• No spectators are allowed on the tracks. You are not allowed to stand/sit on, or cross any of the tracks without permission from a track manager. 

• This facility is not responsible for any and all injuries caused or inflicted by any wildlife, stray, or domestic animals, insects, reptiles, and /or amphibians of any kind. 

• No reckless riding on or off the track or water. Be courteous to other riders. 

• Motocross Tracks & Trails and other riding areas are designed on, around, and through natural terrain. Off-road riding, trail riding, and motocross activities are extremely dangerous. YOU COULD BE HURT, INJURED OR KILLED. Always beware of your surroundings. Tracks, trails and off-road riding areas may include man made and/or natural obstacles. Obstacles may include but are not limited to; trees, jumps, drainage ditches, flagger stands, buildings, equipment, trash cans, cars, pedestrians, fencing, sprinklers, hay bales, debris, and many other varieties of obstacles which surround the track, trail, and off-road riding area. It is your responsibility to maintain control of your off-road vehicle at all times. Off Road riding, motocross riding, and trail riding are extremely dangerous activities. YOU COULD BE HURT, INJURED, PARALYZED, OR EVEN KILLED WHILE PARTICIPATING OR SPECTATING IN THESE HAZARDOUS ACTIVITIES. 

• Rider Down: In the event that you fall, if you are able, get off the track immediately. If a rider goes down please lend your assistance. Warn oncoming riders of the hazard. If you are riding at the time, park your vehicle off the track to avoid other riders. Ask someone for assistance. One can continue to warn other oncoming riders, the other can assist the fallen rider. If the fallen rider is unconscious DO NOT MOVE THEM and call 911 immediately!! Moving a person with a spinal cord injury can cause PERMANENT PARALYSIS AND EVEN DEATH. If the rider is conscious try to determine the extent of the injuries. If only minor injuries are suffered and the rider is able, assist the rider to their pit area. If you observe any obvious broken bones, call 911. If the rider loses consciousness at all call 911. If the rider is a minor ask someone to find their parents. Please have someone inform the track staff of the accident. 

• Parental and Guardianship Responsibility: It is your responsibility as a parent to be aware of your child’s whereabouts at our facility as well as their behavior. It is your responsibility to educate your child / minor on ALL of the rules and regulations of Three Palms. It is your responsibility to ensure that your children adhere to all of the rules at this facility. Parents or guardians agree to indemnify track owner for children’s injuries, including death. 

• All participants are responsible for their own motorcycle, ATV, watercraft, or pit vehicle. Never “loan” your bike, ATV, or pit vehicle to someone who did not sign in to ride. If you are caught letting someone ride that has not signed in to ride and is not wearing an arm band, you will be asked to leave the park. Do not loan out personal gear, flotation devices, or motorized vehicles. 

• Flags: Our flags are different colors and have different meanings. Please obey all flaggers. Black flag means “No more riding” and you must exit the track. Red flag means there is a medical emergency and you must exit the track. Yellow flag means there is a downed rider so proceed with caution. No jumping or passing allowed while the yellow flag is out. If you disobey any flag, you will be asked to leave the park. No flaggers on duty during public practice except in emergencies, organized practice, or closing time. You must obey flags at all times. 

• No alcohol, drugs or use of controlled substance allowed if you are riding any type of motorized vehicle or participating in any water activities. 

• No profanity, this is a family environment and children are present. 

• No tandem riding allowed. Please follow ALL factory recommendations regarding your vehicle. 

• Never ride above your ability. Riding within your means and ability is your responsibility. Be safe and courteous to other riders on and off the track. 

• Do not litter. This includes used motorcycle tires and general trash. If you are caught leaving trash on the ground, or used tires, you will be banned from mars. 

• No fire arms allowed. 

• Parking: Please do not park on the road, on the tracks, in the lakes, or on the driveways that access the tracks. It is imperative that these areas are clear for the use of track personnel or emergency personnel when needed. 

• To all campers: We DO NOT ALLOW any riding or swimming of any kind or any use of any water amenities the park has to offer after the park has closed. The front entrance gate is closed and locked shortly after business hours. During some events, we generally keep the front gate open longer. Please ask the manager on duty for an emergency contact number. 

• Photo/Video Documentation: Mars will use video or photo documentation on all safety or liability issues occurring at the facility. 

• If you have a complaint, suggestion or comment, we would like for you to bring it to the attention of the management on duty 

• General business hours: We try to keep up with today’s need for accurate information. There are times when the information on our website may not be accurate. Please call our park line @831-419-4647 for the most accurate schedule for park hours. 

• Every participant must have their own membership card upon entry to the park. There will be a $3 charge for a replacement card. 

For the safety of all our customers, we ask that you and your party follow all park rules during your visit. If you witness someone breaking park rules and creating an unsafe environment, please report it to a Mars employee immediately. 

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